Who We Are

Sachitech is a multidisciplinary educational institution and service provider that believes in empowering youth with new skills and new opportunities.

We are a full-time benefits supplier for administrations like web development, web design, digital marketing services, and many more. We accommodate courses like C, C++, Python, Java, HTML, MySQL, Data structure, and algorithms, UX/ UI designing with 9+ such courses. It’s a multifunctional work-hubs where you can work on exciting projects. It is a global think tank dedicated to providing better service, analysis, and expertise designed to solve technical challenges.


Our main goal is to nurture young talents for future innovation and open up their bright future.

  • Excellent services
  • Functional excellence
  • Committed to Honesty, Justice, and Responsibility
  • Great team and winning culture.

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Our Team

Think unique and be innovative.

Make a difference with Sachitech.

We believe our strength lies in creating professional and empowering spaces for our students. We encourage creative pursuits and out-of-the-box thinking because when students can demonstrate curiosity, they provide new perspectives on the world and the possibilities of new technologies. Together, Sachitech can drive progress through meaningful innovation and action.
Sachin Thete

Founder & CEO

Kajal Zambare

Software Trainer

Vishal Bhamare

Digital Marketing Trainer

Nakul Gade

Graphic Designer